Robert M. Reed

Candidate Name: Robert M. Reed

Office Seeking: School District 203 School Board

Campaign Website:

Subdivision/Neighborhood: Winding Creek

Closest School: Maplebrook

Occupation and/or Professional Training: Chief Operations Officer

How long in years have you been a Naperville resident? Almost four years.

Number of school-age children? I have two school-age children.

Service on Boards, Commissions, Task Forces, etc. with dates served (nonprofit too): 

  • Current President of the MB2 Pool Board – Board member for the previous two years.
  • Current Treasurer of the Boy Scout Troop 133 – started in January of this year
  • Cub Master, Boy Scouts of America, August 2015 – May 2019
  • Popcorn kernel for Cub Scout Pack 513 2017 – 2019

The following answers have only been edited for formatting purposes.

1. Why are you running to serve the board of education? 

To reinstall transparency, trust, accountability, and choice to the elected Board Members.

2. What is the school district’s most pressing need? 

Strategy and logistics to achieve the high standard level of education we know exists in Naperville.

3. What are strengths and weaknesses, if any, of the school district’s programs dedicated toward special education students, English Language Learners (ELL), students “in the middle” and gifted students?

  • The biggest strengths were the execution of the programs prior to the pandemic.
  • The biggest opportunity for improvement is how we execute the program now in the pandemic.

4. Name three District 203 policies that need review or immediate attention.

I wouldn’t focus first on the policies because as I have observed, the execution of policy and procedures are inconsistent between the schools.  The first thing I would look to do is an audit of the procedures to see what is working best and address policy after involvement and discussion with the proper group to change policy.

5. How often are you in touch with members of the current School Board? And how many years have you attended/watched school board meetings live or after they’re saved in the archive?

I have had little to no direct contact with the current school Board. Directly, I have spent more of my time with the Home and School Associations because I didn’t feel there was a need at the Board level.

6. What up-and-coming City of Naperville development do you think will impact School District 203 funding the most? As a board member, where would you look to make budget adjustments?

I don’t believe there are currently any development projects that would impact the school very much.  I believe if anything is going to impact the budget it would be the loss of revenue from the pandemic in the form of taxes.  Budget cuts are never easy or fun to make. Budgets cuts should be made in areas that impact the least amount of students and administration.  I would require more information to properly answer this question.

7. In a public relations role as a school board member, how would you orientate a new family to the school district? What engagement opportunities would you suggest for parents to connect with the school regarding volunteer activities, parent-teacher committees to oversee curriculum, etc.

Having been new to this school district myself, I would want to give a new family the same welcoming experience that I encountered.  The biggest resource for myself and my family moving into the district was to connect with the Home and School organization.  By connecting with a current Home and School executive board member, we were able to learn about how to be involved in the school and with volunteer opportunities.

8. Consider K-12 core curriculum to include English (reading, language arts writing), science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts (STEAM), foreign languages, computer science, civics/government/current events, economics, history, geography, physical education/health and social-emotional learning standards. If the school district were forced to eliminate a subject in order to add a new one, what would you eliminate? Any thought of what you would add at what grade level? What’s the parents’ role in monitoring curriculum changes and choices?

  • I would eliminate geography because I believe a lot of that curriculum could be added into science and history.
  • I would add finance at a high school level so kids understand mortgages and taxes as well as saving for their future.
  • Parents should play a significant role in their children’s curriculum changes and choices.  It is our jobs as parents to ensure our children are prepared for the future.

9. Research reveals that high self-esteem and student achievement are closely related to positive parental involvement in school. Considering growing interest in school choice, home-schooling and private schools, what are your thoughts on school vouchers?

At this time, given the concerns of the pandemic I would not be in favor of school vouchers due to capacity issues.  School vouchers would add a complexity to the already mounting issues of contract tracing and having students attend in person learning.

10. When was the last time you read the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights?

2019 was the last time I read through the document.  I work in the compliance world and needed to refresh myself on the information.

11. Have you received any donations or endorsements from any organized group(s)? If so, which groups?

At this time, I have not received any endorsement or money from groups.

12. Name the school teacher who most influenced you. Please include grade, school, city and state. (Parents/family are not eligible.)

Dixie Sayles had the most influence on my life and set me on a path for my career without knowing it.  She was my sixth grade teacher at Saukview School in South Chicago Heights Illinois.  She has such an impact, it is the only year I ever had perfect attendance in school.

Anything else you’d like to add?

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