Election Advertising Statement

Positively Naperville (PN) does not endorse any candidate who is, or may be, running for publicly elected office.

In response to inquiries regarding the banner ads, simply hit your “refresh” to see that many of the candidates as well as local businesses have chosen to support PN with their advertising dollars to sponsor space on this website. All advertising is appreciated to help pay for buckets of ink, gigantic rolls of newsprint, delivery and other costs of putting out a monthly publication, aimed to connect citizens of this city.

For additional clarification, any ad appearing in print or online is not an endorsement of said candidate. Political ad space is purchased at current market value by each respective campaign committee. And, any candidate or campaign committee may purchase advertising space upon availability – on a first-come first-serve basis – at the discretion of the PN Editors (e.g., negative campaign ads will be rejected).

Since 2001, our mission has been to inform the educated laymen about the issues of the day. For the last three election cycles, PN has hosted an Election and Voter’s Guide that links to any candidate’s website upon request.

Thanks for being informed about the candidates, most of whom are working diligently to earn your vote just about every day during this historic campaign. Yes. It’s kind of a big deal.

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