Robert Hajek

Hajek_RobertCity Council Candidate

Campaign Website:

Circle one: Employed, Unemployed or Retired?

If employed, where? Hewlett-Packard

How long have you lived in Naperville? 11 Years

20 Questions

1. What motivated you to run for Naperville City Council?

I want to protect the qualities we have come to love in Naperville: focus on family, fiscal accountability, and smart planning for the future. I enjoy helping and serving my community as it is both an honor and privilege.

2. If elected to serve your community, will you accept health care benefits from the City of Naperville? YES NO

3. If elected, how much time per week are you willing to give to prepare for City Council meetings, budget workshops and liaison appointments on boards/commissions?

Average 15 hours per week.

4. What quality and/or skill set will you bring to a nonpartisan City Council?

I believe in consensus building and mutual respect for other’s ideas and concerns. Although I side with a more cautious and conservative approach with an accounting background, I respect the majority decision making process and will work to create a harmonious environment.

5. What do you consider to be the three biggest issues facing the City today?

  • A. Budget constraints
  • B. Accountability for where our dollars are going
  • C. Balance business vs. resident concerns

6. Do you favor term limits for City Council and other local/state governing bodies? YES NO

7. Name one contribution you have made to our city that you think was most significant of your community service to date.

I volunteer regularly thru St Thomas Church for PADS. Assisting at both Hesed House and Loaves and Fishes financially and by donating time has a direct impact on other people’s lives.

8. What boards or commissions have you served previously?

I have served on our Homeowners Board as Treasurer and Big Brother Big Sister Program in Chicago.

9. Realistically and fiscally speaking, if you could change/improve one thing in the city, what would it be?

Increase the transparency. I would like to have more communication to residents about what is being voted and decided.

10. How do hope to be perceived by city staff, city manager, other council members and constituents?

I would like them to view me as an open communicator and an easy person with which to transact business.

11. What business development needs can you identify?

The budget process and long term planning would be areas of focus for me.

12. What can the City of Naperville do better to retain and attract businesses?

The City needs to focus and help small business succeed while working with large business bringing taxes and higher paying executive jobs.

13. What can the City Council do to help keep real estate and property values in check?

They need to keep an eye on our take of taxes while at the same time, encourage other governing bodies (school board, county and townships) to keep spending in check.

14. What do you think the City Council could do to help keep Naperville affordable for homeowners of all ages?

Encourage good paying jobs for younger families which will in turn bring visibility to affordable housing.

15. What service provided by the City of Naperville do you deem most important?

Road and Transportation.

16. Are you a member of a service club or nonprofit board of directors that receives SECA funds or other grants from the City of Naperville? NO YES If yes, which one(s)?

17. What city amenity is most important and how do you think it should be funded/raise revenue?

Maintenance issues are most important and keeping the right staffing, quality of roads and city services is key. The impression of our town as a quality place to live, work and play is directly affected by one’s impression when driving through and spending time in our town.

18. How would you qualify Special Events and Cultural Amenities (SECA) applicants for funding?

A key element or qualifier would be to measure the impact the event or group has on our citizens and to measure the success rate and participation.

19. What is your opinion of the bidding and letting process at the City of Naperville?

The current system in place using multiple bids and an online process appears to be very fair and working well. The key is to ensure quality and price go hand in hand.

20. In addition to employee salaries and public safety, place in order of importance to you 12 assets and public/private partnerships that currently receive funding from the City of Naperville.

  1. Downtown Naperville Alliance
  2. DuPage Children’s Museum
  3. Naperville Public Library
  4. Loaves and Fishes
  5. Hesed House
  6. Naperville Jaycees
  7. Naperville Municipal Band
  8. DuPage Symphony
  9. Exchange of Naperville
  10. Naperville Art League
  11. Naperville Independent Film Festival
  12. NCTV

Vote April 7, 2015

    It's kind of a big deal