John J. Colletti

John_CollettiCity Council Candidate


Slogan: Managing Our Resources Efficiently

Circle one: Employed, Unemployed or Retired?

If employed, where? North Central College as an adjunct professor instructing Finance, Economics and Accounting. Formerly a financial management professional.

How long have you lived in Naperville? 22 years

20 Questions

1. What motivated you to run for Naperville City Council?

Several close friends persuaded me to act upon my interest and run for city council. I have the time and energy to serve along with business experience, an MBA and CPA that would enable me to make a positive impact on our community.

2. If elected to serve your community, will you accept health care benefits from the City of Naperville? YES NO

3. If elected, how much time per week are you willing to give to prepare for City Council meetings, budget workshops and liaison appointments on boards/commissions?

Average 25 hours per week.

4. What quality and/or skill set will you bring to a nonpartisan City Council?

Strong communication skills coupled with the ability to understand financial and strategic implications of policy decisions.

5. What do you consider to be the three biggest issues facing the City today?

  • A. Safety of our residents and visitors is always paramount.
  • B. Rising debt levels and unbalanced budget projections through 2020 must be addressed.
  • C. Preserving and enhancing the economic and non-economic assets of our residents, city and business community by judiciously balancing the resources of our community with its needs.

6. Do you favor term limits for City Council and other local/state governing bodies? YES NO

7. Name one contribution you have made to our city that you think was most significant of your community service to date.

Upon election to the Naperville Little League Board and appointment as Safety Officer for our city’s five leagues, I spearheaded improvement of the safety plan. With the help of several key board members we created an approved plan that met or exceeded all national requirements.

8. What boards or commissions have you served previously?

I was elected and served on the Naperville Little League Board, and the Naperville Lightning Soccer Board. I also served as treasurer for a local school’s athletic association. As a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange I was appointed to numerous committees including chair of Product Selection.

9. Realistically and fiscally speaking, if you could change/improve one thing in the city, what would it be?

Residents clamor for sound financial management by government. I would support and work with staff to continue to seek out efficiencies while expanding costs only after thoughtful consideration.

10. How do you hope to be perceived by city staff, city manager, other council members and constituents?

I want to be seen as someone understanding the financial implications of decisions made and as a trusted advisor to our city government officials. Additionally, I would strive to be a council member known for working on behalf of our residents.

11. What business development needs can you identify?

Attracting new anchor properties for sites vacated on the Ogden passageway including Dominick’s Finer Food Stores, Kmart and Menards. Enhancing access to businesses on Route 59 is also important. Facilitating new commercial and industrial projects along the I-88 corridor. Continuing to improve parking in the downtown area.

12. What can the City of Naperville do better to retain and attract businesses?

Continuing to streamline and reduce regulatory requirements especially for new and expanding businesses. Addressing traffic flow and parking issues would help entrepreneurs in and around town attract customers. Facilitating the sharing of knowledge under programs created by the Naperville Development Partnership.

13. What can the City Council do to help keep real estate and property values in check?

Less than 12% of property tax bills are for city, library and park district operations and pensions. We need to be judicious in all spending to control future levies for those items. Managing debt levels is critical. The current 5-year plan details budget shortfalls, which if unresolved will increase debt levels and interest payments. Determine why the General Fund investment account produced a negative return last year and improve the overall earnings from city investments.

Working with the state legislature to slow the reduction in school funding in our town is important. Current Illinois SB16, if passed, will dramatically impact our schools and taxes.

14. What do you think the Council could do to help keep Naperville affordable for homeowners of all ages?

Create partnerships with developers to take advantage of Community Development Block Grant funding is important. Restructure regressive utility rates while planning the funding of future required capital upgrades to the water system. Be mindful of all expenditures impacting property taxes. Educate senior residents on County programs that can hold property tax increases back. Restructure current fees that are not tax deductible to residents to be more economically efficient.

15. What service provided by the City of Naperville do you deem most important?

Fire and Police are tantamount.

Least important?

Some Park District projects, great amenities of our city, have been criticized due to budget concerns.

16. Are you a member of a service club or nonprofit board of directors that receives SECA funds or other grants from the City of Naperville? NO YES If yes, which one(s)?

17. What city amenity is most important and how do you think it should be funded/raise revenue?

Access to METRA Rail is important. User fees and METRA partnering have funded operations.

18. How would you qualify Special Events and Cultural Amenities (SECA) applicants for funding?

Returning applicants should demonstrate benefits realized and how they have reduced reliance on SECA funds per current guidelines. An objective matrix measuring expected satisfaction or benefits per dollar allocated should be developed to better allocate funds between competing projects.

19. What is your opinion of the bidding and letting process at the City of Naperville?

As documented it appears thorough. Evaluation of the minimum level may be appropriate. Currently contracts exceeding $25,000 require an open bidding process.

20. In addition to employee salaries and public safety, place in order of importance to you 12 assets and public/private partnerships that currently receive funding from the City of Naperville.

1) Schools (primarily funded via property taxes).
2) Utility Systems
3 The Riverwalk and Naperville Parks
4) Naperville Development Partnership
5) The Library System
6) The Naper Settlement Museum
7) Infrastructure including roads, bridges and parking facilities
8) Naperville Chamber and the Downtown Naperville Alliance
9) Civic Organizations including the VFW, Exchange, Rotary, NHS , Jaycees and Lions Clubs
10) Charitable Foundations like DuPage Pads, Hesed House, Bridge Communities, Loaves and Fishes.
11) Youth related entities like 360 Youth, The Edwards and Robert Crown Foundations, the Children’s Museum, Little Friends, the YMCA and WSDRA.
12) The METRA Rail Stations

Vote April 7, 2015

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