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On Tues., April 7, 2015, voters in Naperville will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to seat all nine members of the nonpartisan Naperville City Council, including the mayor.

To be brief, the City of Naperville is organized under a Council-Manager form of government with eight departments. The city’s motto is “Great Service – All the Time.”

The mission of the government of the City of Naperville “is to preserve the quality of life by providing municipal services that are responsive to the needs of the residents and businesses and are reliable, efficient and fiscally responsible.”

The City’s aim is to “be recognized for our exceptional quality of life through a sense of heritage and community in a large metropolitan city.”

On the filing date of Nov. 24, 2014, PN began circulating 20 Questions for candidates to answer by Dec. 22. We asked all 24 of them to think about the questions and answer with brief statements. (Less is more! Absolutely no more than 50 words per question, we advised.)

We welcome this opportunity to share their messages with local voters as a starting off point for the Consolidated Election when all nine seats on the Naperville City Council must be filled. The Mayor and the top four vote-getters for City Council will be elected to four-year terms. The other four City Council candidates will be elected to two-year terms.

Answers provided have not been edited for grammar and they reflect the candidates’ opinions as of the end of 2014.

During the coming months, be sure to take advantage of “Meet & Greet” opportunities and public candidate forums that will be hosted by various organizations prior to Consolidated Election Day on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Yes. It’s kind of a big deal.

Mayoral Candidates

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City Council Candidates

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Vote April 7, 2015

    It's kind of a big deal